Logical Media Group (LMG) is an independently owned, Chicago based digital marketing agency that specializes in generating qualified website traffic through Search Engine Optimization and Paid Search.  We also have experience in other channels, such as Display Advertising, Email Marketing, Social Media, and Video Optimization. 

Our core focus is to ensure that any effort we put forth is 100% inline and tied to our client’s goals. We spend a great deal of time learning about “who our clients are” in order to provide the most cost effective online marketing strategy. We accomplish this by focusing on the marketing channel(s) that delivers the highest quality leads at the lowest possible cost, which varies depending on a client’s goals, budget and the industry they compete in.

Logical Media Group invests the most in its people and technology. We are a certified Google Partner equipped with a tenacious, highly talented and analytic staff.  We are a firm believer in change, empowering our employees to constantly improve and refine our approach to success.

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